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July 16, 2011

Search by VAT / TIN number

The registration number allotted to the dealers is popularly known as TIN i.e. Taxpayer Identification Number. This is a eleven digit number to be quoted in all VAT transactions and correspondence. (or)
The Tax Payer’s Identification Number (TIN) is new unique registration number that is used for identification of dealers registered under VAT. It consists of 11 digit numerals and will be unique throughout the country. First two characters will represent the State Code as used by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. The set-up of the next nine characters may, however, be different in different States.
TIN is being used for identification of dealers in the same way like PAN is used for identification of assesses under Income Tax Act. All the dealers seeking for new registration under VAT or Central Sales Tax will be allotted new TIN as registration number, however every State Commercial Tax Department have made provisions to issue new TIN to their existing dealers replacing old registration/ CST number
So In brief there is no difference in VAT number,TIN or CST number ,now only one number is required for all type of sales i.e TIN it may be called VAT number as it is used intra state sales and may be called CST number as same is required for CST number .TIN is being issued to all new dealers whether required for intra or inter state sales but for old dealer (inter state) CST number will be changed with TIN in phased manner and method adopted by each state is different.

I have arranged a complete list of First Two digit of all the state and Union territories which is given here under. To know or to verify your TIN/VAT number Click link given:-

If you do not get results from above, click on name of state

STATE /UT                    First two digits of TIN
Jammu & Kashmir 01
Himachal Pradesh 02 (Click on Dealers Search)
Punjab                    03
Chandigarh            04
Uttranchal              05
Haryana                  06
Delhi                       07
Rajashtan               08 (Click on Search for Dealers)
Uttar Pardesh        09 (Alternate Link)
Bihar                      10 (Click on Search for Dealers)
Sikkim                     11
Arunachal Pradesh 12
Nagaland                 13
Manipur                   14
Mizoram                  15
Tripura                    16
Meghalaya              17
Assam                    18
West Bengal          19
Jharkhand             20
Orissa                    21
Chattishgarh         22
Madhya Pardesh 23 (Click on Dealers Search)
Gujarat                 24 (Click on Dealers Search)
Daman & Diu       25
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 26
Maharashtra        27
 Karnataka          29
Goa                     30
Lakshdweep      31
Kerala                 32
Tamil Nadu         33 (By Name)
Pondicherry       34
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 35

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