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November 27, 2012

Child Outside Buffet Hut

Yesterday evening i was invited to a friend's birthday treat at Buffet Hut, Sec 8, Chandigarh. The delicious snacks kept me waiting since morning :)

For Rs 399 they serve quite well and i was satisfied and quenched to full.

After coming out i saw a child aged 10-12 years sitting on the floor with his rehri of toys.... With a hope to sell them...

"Abe yaar yeh tere khilone se khelen ki umar hai bechane ki nahin" (this is the time for you to play with toys and not sell them)

But looking at his single shirt and without sleeper feet i realized that its his need to sell them..

Even if they attract him, or even if they fascinate him.... He can not play with them... Money is harsh reality of this world.. This lesson has been understood by him in quite a early age...

Next i saw a small kid aged 4-5 years from a well to do family who probably were coming out from Buffet hut after dinner... That small kid was attracted to toys.. was sitting on the stairs and was asking her mom to buy it for him....

Her Mom inquired about the light ball and was replied by Rs 70 as a price...

But she negotiated....Wanted it for Rs 50.....

A Hard negotiation i witnessed with that selling child slowly coming down to Rs 65 than Rs 60.. But she never moved an inch from Rs 50...

Come on lady.. Whom you are negotiating with...

That kid is not even half your age.... He has got no match for your intelligence..... Jaane de na yaar 20 Rupe faltu de degi to kya jayega...

But no...

Ultimately the boy has to sell it for Rs 50....  wonder this lady would have negotiated the same way in malls too..  Dont know who overchage? or who had more margins? or who needed the money more..? the poor kid or the mall company?

Felt sorry for the kid.. But could not do anything... I dont have sufficent means to take care needs of that kid..

I too brought a ball from him before he could say a price.. Just handed him Rs 60 (Wish i had extra 10 Rs in my pocket).. before he could return the excess money.. i walked towards the car playing with the ball....

Drived my way.. thinking why i bought the ball...To help the kid... Naaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Just to get rid of my guilt feeling... Just to think that i have helped the kid... knowing very welll that my help would hardly mean anything to him in hardships... :(

Hated my self for not being able to do more.. Threw the ball outside the car.. it was reminding me how i escaped my conscious....

Prayed to Sh Ganesh to make life easy and enjoyable for him..

November 17, 2012

Return of Premium Money Back Insurance

Pure term plan does not give anything on maturity, while “return of premium” term plan gives you back all the premiums paid.
In a normal term plan you get back nothing. Return of premium term plan gives a feeling of comfort—one is getting back all the money paid to the insurance company for the term plan. But you yourself will have to pay for that comfort. The premium for RoP term plan is much higher than what you will pay for a pure term plan. The premium for RoP term plan is used partly for risk cover and the remaining for investment. The part of the premium that is invested is able to give the returns for the RoP feature to work. So, it works like a traditional life insurance product and hence, not in the best interest of the saver. There is a vast price difference between a term plan with RoP and a pure term plan. The premium for a term plan with RoP can be Rs3,000 for SA of Rs2 lakh while a pure term plan for SA of Rs2 lakh will cost less than Rs400.
Insurance company
Product name
Aviva Life
Shield Advantage
Met Suraksha TROP
IDBI Federal
Level cover with ROP
ING Life
Term Life Plus
Reliance Life
Special Term Plan
Birla Sun Life
Premium Back Term Plan
AEGON Religare
Save Guard (new product)
Bajaj Allianz
Term Care
Life Guard with RoP
Shriram Life
New Money Back Term Plan (new product)
 for term plan with return of premium for Rs10 lakh sum assured; age 27 years; non-smoker; male; policy term of 20 years
Just like the premium of an offline term plan is two-three times the premium of online term plans, the term plan with return of premium varies two-three times between the low and high end, even though they are all offline term plans. In the comparison given, the lowest premium was from Aviva Life Shield Advantage of Rs4,427.
What if you had purchased pure term plan and invested the saved premium to get 8% p.a. returns? Will it be better than going with lowest premium RoP term plan?
Insurance company product
Corpus at end of policy term of 20 years
Aviva Life Shield Advantage (RoP term plan)
IndiaFirst (online term plan without RoP)
Rs1,41,413 assuming that the premium difference of Rs2,864 (4,427 minus 1,563) is invested @8% p.a. 
LIC (offline term plan without RoP)
Rs52,931 assuming that the premium difference of Rs1,071 (4,427 minus 3,356) is invested @8%p.a.
Premium for Rs10 lakh sum assured; age 27 years; non-smoker; male; policy term of 20 years
Going for an online term plan without RoP will definitely be an advantage over buying the cheapest term plan with RoP..

November 15, 2012

Which image format to scan

File Type
Image Quality
24 MB
0.5 MB
24 MB
0.3 MB
0.6 MB
1.51 MB

Based on my result and comparing the quality I would suggest that scan your documents in PDF 300 resolution to attain in perfect size and clarity.

November 12, 2012

Pet Phrases used by Different Customer care Executives

Vodafone : Apna keemti samay dene k liye dhanyawaad , aap ka din shubh ho…

Reliance : Kya aap mujhe Sun pa rahe hain….

Tata Do Co Mo : Ek min rukiye sir mein check kar k batata hun…

BSNL: Aapka Zilla kaun sa hai… Exchange mein chale jaiye wahan aap ko puri service di jayegi….

November 8, 2012

Lyrics Unchi ediyaan da..

Lakk thirkda jaave tera haaye ni kasoor ae sara (lakk: waist)
Unchi eddi da unchi eddi da (Unchi eddi: hIgh heel)
Dil phisalda jaave tera haaye ni kasoor ae sara
Unchi eddi da unchi eddi da

Aah! Jaz Dhami its you boy
Yo Yo Honey Singh

Bobbi Brown da make-up laake munde pattde]i jandi ae
Jaz roz hi kare udikaan late night hi aundi ae (x2) (udikaan: wait)

Ki kardi mennu samajh ni aave
Haye nee kasoor ae sara
Lakk thirkda jaave tera haaye ni kasoor ae sara
Ucnhi eddi da unchi eddi da

Lakk thirkda jaave tera haaye ni kasoor ae sara
Unchi eddi da, unchi eddi da
Unchi eddi da, unchi eddi da
unchi eddi da...

Honey Singh's Hindi Rap Part
Pehli baat to yeh, Jo tu tik-tok tik-tok chalti hai
Maana ye saari teri high heels ki ghalti hai
Rouk toh jaa tu hang-on
Ye to bata tu hai kaun
Kahaan se aayi hai
Kahaan ko jaayegi
Paagal ladki mujhe marwayegi
Bas kar ye jalwe na dikha
Ye sab main bahut dekh chuka
Tujh jaisi toh pat jati hai
Phir durghatna ghat jaati hai
Main hoon shikari kudiye
Khali mera waar nee jaata
Mujhko naa pehchane kyun?
Tere ghar akhbar nee aata!

Teekhe teekhe naina de naal bade nashaane laundi ae
Ki dassan oh mere yaaron jaan nikaldi jandi ae (x2)

Thora vi kiyun taras na khawe haye nee kasoor ae sara
Unchi eddi da, unchi eddi da
Ahh Jaz Dhami itzz you boy
Yo yo Honey Singh..
(Unchi eddi da...)