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September 18, 2014

Chandulal and Krishna

Truth is: "We Want Anything & Everything Except Krsna!"

I recently came across an interesting story about a nice devotee, called Chandulal.

Once, Narada muni approached Lord Sri Krishna at Dwaraka, recommending that He recalls Chandulal. Hearing this, Krishna asks Narada muni, "Does Chandulal really wants to come back? I don't think so but, if you want, you can tell Chandulal that I am waiting for him to return to Me."

Narada muni comes out of the palace at Dwaraka, takes a walk down and knocks at the door of Chandulal's house. Beholding Narada muni at his doorstep, Chandulal says, "Maharaj we are very happy to see you, please come inside and sit down".

Narada muni says, "Don't waste time now, enough sitting down and everything, You being a great devotee, Krishna says He can take you back right now. Are you ready to go?"

Chandulal says, "Yes Maharaj, I am ready right away. Krishna is very great! He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, I am very happy."

Narada muni says, "You please stop talking. And get ready to go with me?"

Chandulal promptly replies, "Maharaj, I am ready but see, I am just married. My wife is very young. If I leave her now, do you know how bad it will appear? What will people think of Krishna? That He has taken away the young man from his wife. Society will not take it kindly. As a devotee, is it not our duty Maharaj - to keep the flag of our society flying high, that Vaishnavas are not looked down upon and Krishna also has a good reputation?".

Hearing this argument, Narada muni says, "That is not a problem! Okay, now tell me how much time you need?" Chandulal says, "Let me settle her down, once a child is born she will forget about me". So, Chandulal asks Narada muni to come after few years.

As ordained, Narada muni comes back after a few years and sees children all around. He thinks everything is very nice. Chandulal should be happy to go back to Godhead at present. So, he again asks Chandulal, "Are you ready to go now?"

Chandulal replies, "Maharaj, I am ready but see, there is one more problem at present. My wife and children are fine together but, my mother is also there in the same house. You know Maharaj, when you put one woman in the kitchen it is alright but, when there are two women in one kitchen, it is Kurushetra. I am trying very hard everyday to reconcile my wife and mother.
Is it not my duty Maharaj - as the family head, to make sure that everything is settled. Please give me 2-3 years more; I am sure things will be fine then. Also, the children will become a little old".

Narada muni says, "Alright, but time is running."

Some years later, Narada muni returns and sees even grandchildren at Chandulal's house. This time, as Chandulal couldn't find any more excuse, he runs to hide from Narada muni. But, while doing so, he falls down from the stairs, breaks his neck and eventually, dies.

Narada muni feels very sad at the turn around of the events. Chandulal's wife was bereaved. Looking at Narada muni, she thinks that he was the cause of her husband's death. Sensing her thoughts, Narada muni leaves the place immediately and goes to Krishna directly, saying, "I now understand what
You meant when You said, 'Does Chandulal really wants to come back?'."

But, Krishna is so kind. He told Narada muni not to worry for Chandulal for he has become a dog and is sitting outside his own house. Krishna told Narada muni, "Chandulal was in love with his family & home so much that I have given him the facility to sit outside his house in his next life also."

Krishna then asked Narada muni to go and talk to Chandulal, assuring that He will give both of them the power to understand each others' language. He told Narada muni to tell Chandulal that even now He is willing to take him back (in dog form) back to Himself (Godhead). Hearing this Narada muni says, "Krishna! no one is more compassionate than You. I am sure Chandulal is repentant now. So, I am running to him."

In a short while, Narada muni reached Chandulal's house. House was very quiet. Outside the house, there was a tree and under the tree the dog (Chandulal) was sitting. Narada muni approached Chandulal and asked "Can you hear me?".

Affirming that he could, Chandulal says, "What a benediction? In my last life, I was so sinful that I forgot Krishna completely and my reward was death. I lost my chance."

Narada muni says, "Hold it, I got good news of the day for you. Even now Krishna is ready to take you, even now you can go back. Are you prepared?" Chandulal never forgot his original nature. Even in dog's life, he was just the same. Chandulal says, "Maharaj I am very happy, right now I am ready to go back to Krishna. He is so merciful."

Narada muni says, "In last life you talked so much and you never did anything. Now you are a dog! Better you talk less now and do more. Are you ready to go back with me or not?"

Chandulal says, "Maharaj! Look at the house".

Narada muni asks, "What is wrong with the house?"

Chandulal replies, "My family has left all the windows and doors open and gone out to watch a movie. All my hard earned money is inside the house and they have just left it like that."

Hearing this, Narada muni says, "So what can you do, you are a dog now".

Chandulal replies, "I will guard the house, make sure no one comes in until my family is back and then you can come and take me."

At this juncture, Narada muni thought this was just tooooo much

We find all the favourable arguments in material energy to say not now!' Just give me one year. I will slowly do these things but, I need some more time. When the eagerness is not there, there is no way to go to Krishna.

September 15, 2014

Corruption in S.Tax Department in Chandigarh

Contact Chief Vigilance Office here

Delhi (North Zone)
Smt. Reena Arya
Addl. Director General ((NZU)
Directorate General of Vigilance
Custom & Central Excise, North Zonal Unit
2nd Floor, C R Building
I P Estate
New Delhi - 110002
Phone  - (011) 23370006
Fax - (011) 23370982
Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

CBI Office at Chandigarh

Sector-30A, Chandigarh-160030
0172-2657469, 0172-2657102
UT Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, J&K & Himachal Pradesh.
ACB Chandigarh
Plot No.8, Sector-30A, Chandigarh-160030
0172-2657100, 0172-2657102
UT Chandigarh, Punjab & Haryana.
SCB Chandigarh
Sector-30A, Chandigarh-160030
Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pardesh and Jammu & Kashmir.

Comparison of Taxi/CAB Services in Chandigarh

What I liked
What I Didn’t liked
Computerized Msg
The driver switched off the AC in between just to save fuel.
Computerized Msg
Radio Taxi
No Computerized Msg.
They charge for Full KM even if its fraction above.

Rough Driving
1) Rs 18/KM
2) Swift Car instead of Tata Indigo
3) Confirmation on Mobile and Email
4) Unique booking number
5) Computerised Bill on your email

All of Other (Except OLA Cabs) charge Rs 23/KM.  

To me OLA Cab is the clear cut winner of the competition. 

September 4, 2014

Single Premium Policy

LIC Jeevan Shagun Policy Table No 826

Policy launched on 01 Sept 14 and is open for subscription for 90 days i.e till 30th Nov 14.

Minimum Entry Age                                         : 8 years (completed)
Maximum Entry Age                                         : 45 years (nearest birthday)
Policy Tenor                                                      : 12 years
Premium payment mode                                   : Single premium only

Basic Sum Assured                                            : 10 times of single premium paid
(As the sum assured is 10 times of the premium paid the premium paid is eligible u/s 80C deduction and the maturity amount will be exempt u/s 10(10D))

Assured Maturing Sum(AMS)                             : 1.92 times of single premium paid
(On Simple basis 0.92 times return; spread over 12 years works out to be 7.66% p.a return, ignoring the compounding effect/technicalities.)

In addition to assured maturing sum after 12 years you may also get loyalty additions if any declared by LIC.  

You 1.92 times matured sum will be paid as follows:-
@ 15% AMS at the end of 10th year
@ 20% AMS at the end of 11th year
@ 65% AMS on Maturity along
 loyalty additions.
Minimum Maturity Sum Assured                      : Rs. 60,000/-
Maximum Maturity Sum Assured                      : No Limit
Maturity Sum Assured shall be available in multiples of Rs. 5,000/-.

The policy can be surrendered for cash at any time during the policy term.  The minimum Guaranteed Surrender Value allowable shall be as under:
    1. First year: 70% of the Single premium excluding extra premiums and taxes, if any.
    2. Thereafter: 90% of the Single premium excluding taxes, any extra premium paid and survival benefits, if paid earlier.
Agents/Brokers will get 2% commission on premium paid by you  whereas development officer will get 5% commission.

LIC’s Accident Benefit Rider is available under the plan.

Main Benefit of this plan
1.    One time premium payment assures you cover for 12 years. No annual payment obligation.

2.    Unlike Pure Term Plan the premium paid by you is not zero rather come backs to you with a assured post tax return of 7.66% (Tax impact is nil as maturity proceeds are exempt u/s 10(10D). 

3.    Non ULIP Plan.

4.    The assured return of 7.66% is much better than return of FD whose interest of 8% can be reduced to 5.6% post tax. Plus this plans also give you life coverage which FD won’t. 

5.    If you are going for long run period of 12 years it better to opt for LIC than any other private players. With the kind of asset base LIC have, we can be really sure that it will be there to repay you at the end of 12 years.

LIC has eallier launched a similar 10 year product in Mar-13 under the name of  LIC’s Jeevan Sugam (Plan No.813 ) the details of that policy can be seen  at