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September 16, 2016

Painkillers Salt and safety

Disclaimer: I am not expert in Medicine and my opinion is based on my understanding only.

Painkillers may be sold under any name, but you have to look into which salt is in the same.

Two categories of Painkillers exist
1)    Narcotics/Steroids Based (Strong, More effective, Higher Side effects)
2)    Non-Steroidal (Lighter, For day to day civil use)

Let’s examine the salts covered under Non Steroidal category
a)    diclofenac potassium (Absorbs quickly in body)
b)    diclofenac Sodium
c)    Paracetamol (Safest but not effective against swelling)
d)    Ibuprofen (Person with high BP, Hypertension should avoid this salt)
e)    Naproxen (Similar to Ibuprofen but safer for BP, Hypertension patients)
f)     Nimesulide (Banned in some Countries)
g)    Asprin (Not safe, Has Side effects) 

All the aforesaid salts (Except paracetamol) are anti-inflammatory also, means they help in reducing the swelling also. 

However, despite Nimuslide may seem better option ( it can distinguish between COX-1 and COX-2), there has been reports of Liver injury by Nimuslide and the same was banned in India for Children below 12 years in 2011 and complete Ban in 2016.  

Against the common misconception of Paracetamol being for fever, its actually an effective pain killer. It is so safe that Doctors prescribe the same even for babies of 3 months.

Other Non-steroidal salts (But not effective against swelling are)
a)    Acetaminophen (Mainly for headaches and not Muscle pain)

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