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April 26, 2017

Installing Ruby and Jekyll on Windows

How to Install Ruby on Rails on your system
Pre check
First, check if you already have Ruby installed. Open the command prompt and type ruby -v. If Ruby responds, and if it shows a version number at or above 2.2.2, then type gem --version. If you don't get an error, skip Install Ruby step.

Installing Ruby
Download latest Ruby file. (Even if you have 64 bit windows, do not install x64 version). The download size would be around 18 MB.

2)      Download corresponding development kit. Search for Development kit on the same page and you will know which version to download and install.
Development kit should be installed in same path in which you installed Ruby earlier.
3)      Link Development kit to Ruby
Type following in Command prompt
Cd c:\RubyXX

      ruby dk.rb init

     ruby dk.rb install

4)      Install most important gems
Type following in Command prompt

Gem install rails

Gem Install WDM

Gem install Jekyll
jekyll build –-watch (To track changes in your source folder)

Gem install rouge

5)      You are done installing Ruby 😊.
6)      Check any missing gem by creating demo file
Rails new demo

7)      Anything missing can be done with
Bundle install
8)      Check the installation by opening following in Browser

9)      Updating any gem is easy on ruby with
 gem update “Gem name”

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