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July 25, 2017

Dilema of Arjun

Arjun thought that he would be the cause of death of Bhimshm, Dron etc and that the joy of kingdom would be pointless without them. Bhagvan Vasudeva saw that Arjuna is confused about dharma and that he is submerged in great ocean of shoka due to false knowledge. Thus, while Arjuna spoke the words of wisdom, his conduct was that of an unwise person.

He said

It is not that I (Krishna) did not exist at any time. I certainly existed. The basic idea is that even though the bodies were taking birth and dying, I was eternally present in them. Similarly we all will surely continue to exist even after the destruction of these bodies.
One who bears cold-heat and sukha-dukha and is not disturbed or perturbed by them due to being always established in Godhead goes beyond death and is eligible for moksha.

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