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April 21, 2018

SBI Chief Manager S-4 Interview

I have appeared for SBI Chief Manager S-4 (Credit Analyst) Interview on 19th Apr 18 at LHO Mumbai (BKC complex)

On Arrival
S-1 or S-2 level officer will check your Certificates/Documents . After their confirmation you will be called in interview.

My interview panel had 5 members (1 GM and 4 DGM)
 and i was asked following questions:-

1) Name of your current head/reporting manager?
2) What are the challenges your clients/customers have faced?
3) What are the items in P&L have direct link to Balance Sheet?
4) How stock holding is measured and what is it called?
5) What are your view on Corporate Loan product of SBI?
6) How are DTL/DTA created? What can be the causes for creation of DTL/DTA?
7) What is willful default?

Rest of the questions were completely resume based and about the companies mentioned in my resume.

Interview lasted for 15-20 min thereafter i was reimbursed the airfare.

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