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October 1, 2013

Feeling Alone

You feel
Alone in your place... No furniture.. No persons... Just you till miles....

All those around you considering you to be foolish and alien.

You lounging for someone, atleast someone to be like you, to support you...

Doubting whether your notions/belief/personality are really worth anything.....

Then i feel giving up is not an option

As it is written in Bhagvad Gita Ch 2 Shlok 37

hato va prapsyasi svargam
jitva va bhoksyase mahim
tasmad uttistha yuddhaya krta-niscayah

hatah--being killed; va--either; prapsyasi--you will gain; svargam--the heavenly kingdom;
jitva--by gaining victory; va--or; bhoksyase--you enjoy; mahim--the world;
 tasmat--therefore; uttistha--get up; yuddhaya--and fight; krta--determined; niscayah—with determination. 

So keep on acting on what you judge the best.

Act don't be brainwashed.

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