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July 17, 2014

Conversation with the God Part II

The first part of the conversation can be found here

11. Why are the things/circumstances not according to me? 
God:  The problem is you try to control too many things. You have to realise that all creatures are independent of others wish. Even come of their actions are not as per my desire/command, still I can’t force them to behave according to my desire. Similarly they are not bound to behave according to you. Whatever they do/decide is destined to decide their fate. You don’t have right on their karma but you can surely decide your own karma.

12. Why is this difficult to follow the right path? Why don’t you help the one who are on the right track?
God:  This world is a great maya. Even the people following the right path have some worldly desires like fame and recognition. I never said that following the right path would be easy. Gold has to face the heat to clear the dirt attached to it. Similarly the more heat you face the more purified you will become. As per my Experience, its only in the difficult time people come to me and see in right direction.

13. So you create these problems and difficulties just so that people should come to you?
God:  As I replied earlier also I never demanded you to come to me. You come to me for your very own selfish motives and when you find that things are beyond your control. If you can mange your difficulties without me, its perfectly fine with me. Your worship/prayers does not increase my wealth nor do I desire name/fame in this material world.  

14. Will you help us if we come to you for help? 
God:  You ask my help to attain material/earthly possessions whereas the true salvation/mukti lies in to get free from these earthly/Mayavi affairs and return into my association. If you ask my help to get more into earthly possesssions/maya I may at times give in to your wishes as the mother gives in to the harmful wish of her children sometimes but you must realise that the things you desire and ask comes with pros/cons. So when you receive the negative side of your wish, don’t blame me for it as you are the one who asked for the wish. I cannot segregate the negatives/pain from these worldly desires.    

15. You are god you can do anything, we want only the positive and happiness in these world and not the pain/pitfalls.
God:  Now you are planning to control my actions whereas I never desired to control your actions. The positive and happiness you see in these worldly desires are mere attraction; there is related pain when you lose them. There is jealousy when anyone also possesses your achievement. I cannot control the human nature, nor can I change the law of this world. If you aspire for true happiness and pleasure, read the scriptures you will find coming to my home and connecting with me is true and perpetual happiness.

16. We see no result in worshiping and connecting with you. You are not committing to help in attaining something concrete. 
God:  As long as you worship me with any selfish motive neither you will be able to feel the happiness of connecting with me and nor you will be able to have your material achievement. If you plan to connect with me, come with a very clear mind. It’s not an easy path for perpetual happiness.

17. How does it feel like to be with you? Is it really worth trying and the hard work? 
God:  Enough description is available in scriptures how it feels to be with me. This feeling cannot be conveyed via words. You have to reach to me to have this feeling. You have to use your judgment to decide if it’s worth or not. 
18. Is there a way possible in between i.e we remain connected to this world and also a lil bit to you 
God:  You may choose how many steps you take towards me. Your extant of closeness with me or the world will give you results accordingly. If you are lil bit connected to me that don’t expect too much from me too.

19. But aren’t you supposed to be the almighty merciful and shower your blessing/help even if we choose to associate with the world and not you. 
God:  If I grant every wish of yours and support every action of humans, the earth will be much worse than the one you live in today. Yes I am kind but not foolish to fall for your arguments.  

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