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July 8, 2014

My Conversation with God Part I

1.    Why so much unrest, corruption, greed and evil in the world? Is it your wish? Or is the Saitan more powerfull than you.
God: All this evil is created by man and his actions himself I never desired the same. The evil and Saitan also gains strengths with your actions only. :) I need not explain my supremacy :).

2.     If all the evil and bad has been created by mankind than why don’t you stop them?
God: If everything was supposed to happen as per my wish then mankind would have doubted there very existence as everything would have been as per my desire and you would have felt like puppet. Therefore I leave your actions to your sweet will.

3.    Does that mean you power the bad and evil we do?
God: I am the powerhouse. Like you are free to use the electricity in any way (you may use it to run a fan or you may use it to power sharp tools/machine) in the same way you decide the use of my power to you. You may use it for good or you may use it for bad.

4.    How does I believe you are the power house. This world is going as it is. Getting its own energy.
God: I wonder if man has evolved so much to understand the nature and energy. When you grow old the vital organs which were running your body (i.e heart, blood, mind, bones etc) remain in your body but still you go powerless, what went away???. The soul which powers your body returns to me.

You depend on sun for every source of energy. Can you claim that same was created by man? Shall I test your claimed self efficiency by taking away the sun for few days? Are you confident that you control nature?

5.    You are blackmailing us with consequences if we do not obey you.
God: Your obedience to my ways won’t bring any profits to me. Rather it will be you who will be benefited. I never blackmailed any human to follow me. Also I am allowing the world to move and supplying the power even if you go against my wishes.

6.    Why do we have to worship you? We deny you…
God: I never demanded you to worship me. You come to me for your very own selfish motives and when you find that things are beyond your control. If you do not want to follow me its perfectly fine with me there are many atheist living around you. I don’t kill every atheist.

7.    You will punish us if we don’t follow you as you have divine powers
God: You are bound to get results/fruits of your actions as per law of this world. I am not changing the law of nature now, it was always there. I followed the law and boundations when I incarnated/appeared on earth.

8.    I need equal powers as you have to control the nature.
God: Mankind has already created a mess and mis use with the existing privileges I gave to you. I could have made you weak and other living entities like animal and trees be given more privileges but I trusted you. You are yet to show me the intelligence and maturity with your existing powers. Make this world a better place then that you got and I will consider your request to increase your powers.

9.    I can never win from your smartness.
God: Question of winning and losing arises only when we are at opposite sides. Despite all your sins I forgive you always. I consider you on my side. You need not win from me. We both can live with each other being on the same side.

10.  I wonder if you really exist or is this head talking to me? I need a proof by seeing you.
God: :) :) :)
On one hand you are denying my existence and on the other hand you want to see me too. :) .
I am not unreachable and you can see me too. But I have my own terms who meets me and who does not. Just like you decide who meets you. To meet me you have to put some extra efforts. Read the books about me you will find the way to meet me. 

Part II of the conversation can be found here 

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